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Weight Loss: Why Diet Plans Become Ineffective After One Year?

Nowadays, most of people are planning to lose weight. People are discussing their diet charts to get an effective weight loss. People are experimenting with their diets to have a successful weight loss. People are trying every possible thing to get a perfect diet chart. However, recent studies have shown that all these diets become ineffective after one year.

The researches and studies show that these diets may show you great initial results. Some of the diets may show you even 80% better initial results but after one year of extension, these diets become useless and you may gain your lost weight even if you follow your diets.

Some diets may give you back 50% of the weight that lost after one year or two years and 80% of the weight after 4-5 years. Any type of diet you follow, it will become ineffective and its effectiveness will disappear after one year on a roll. So if you are planning on losing weight and are looking upon to follow a diet plan, then, you need to follow a way that can be long-lasting and effective throughout its course.

Why does a diet become ineffective?

As you start following a diet that concerns weight loss, it starts showing its effect during the initial period. You may feel that you are losing weight and you really do but after a point of time, your body stops losing weight anymore. To elaborate it in simple words, as we lose our weight, the metabolism of the body becomes slower. As the metabolism slows down, it becomes hard for us to lose weight. People usually reduce or even stop doing their exercises after losing weight. Well, that makes the metabolism to slow down and hence you may regain the weight you lost. It doesn’t mean your diet has become useless. You can do some moderation with your diet and exercises to get back in track.

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How to attain a perfect diet?

As per observations, people usually follow their diet for some time and then return back to their initial food habits from where they left. To maintain a perfect diet, you need to change your entire lifestyle. To need to lose something in order to gain something. If you need changes with your body, you need to change your living style. It will help with your weight loss for a longer period of time. Change in lifestyle means following a balanced diet and doing physical activities. It will help you in extending your diet plan with ease.

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People who are not able to lose weight even after following a diet plan and physical activities need to find a different diet plan. Every person is different, so are their stomachs. It is not necessary that a diet followed by one will be effective on someone else. You need to find your own diet plan according to your body requirements. Balancing between your balanced diet and physical activities will lead you to successful weight loss for a longer period of time.

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