Home Technology Top Five Video-Conferencing Apps You Can Use For Meetings Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Top Five Video-Conferencing Apps You Can Use For Meetings Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Top Five Video-Conferencing Apps You Can Use For Meetings Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Amid coronavirus outbreak, the world has been locked behind their doors. People all around the globe are now self-quarantined, resulting in many working sectors employees to work-from-home. Therefore, we are here to bring you the top best video-conferencing apps, through which you can conduct several business meetings or can use it to connect with your colleagues or employees for a work basis.


A very popular and widely used video calling app is Skype. This app can be used for both personal as well as for professional purposes. The free version, on the other hand, gives one access to 10-way calling along with a directory that can be populated by individual users. Skype also consists of a business version which is quite useful for heading meetings as well as conferences.

  • Pros: Users can take many simultaneous callers at once
  • Cons: Only best for video callings, other features other than video calling is not up to mark

Google Hangouts

Google’s video chat offering is one of the most widely used apps. The app integrates itself with the search giant’s email service Gmail and can accommodate 100 people in a group chat and up to 10 people at a time in a conference call setup. Therefore, it is considered to be the perfect platform to soundboard your latest idea with your co-workers.

  • Pros: Group chats of up to 100 people, Video calling with up to 10 at a time
  • Cons: Sometimes the confusing interface

Top Five Video-Conferencing Apps You Can Use For Meetings Amid Coronavirus Outbreak


This free video conferencing app has gained so much popularity since its launch and offers a pared-down service for video calls, especially the group ones. However, it has a time limit of 40 minutes for group calls after which you have to start all over again.

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The basic plan allows the user for conducting a 40-minute call with features such as screen sharing, breakout rooms as well as local recording. The user-friendly interface is the best part about Zoom and its sign up process is very simple. In addition to that, the calls on Zoom are also unencrypted.

  • Pros: User-friendly interface, strong admin controls
  • Cons: Unclear background data policies, the 40-minute time limit for group video call
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Google Duo

One of the latest and trending messaging platform from Google is Duo and is also best for having group video calls. The best part about this app is that you don’t have to go through the signing up process as your existing Google account is linked automatically with the app. However, by seeing the previous trends, Google products don’t seem to live for long.

  • Pros: Easy to use with a simple interface, uses user’s current Google account
  • Cons: Puzzling platform concerns


Join.me is appreciated by many for its simple interface and it operates on the voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology. The free version of the app can house up to 10 people on just a single call. In addition to that, the business plan of Join.me can let you make a 250 person conference with ultra-resolution.

  • Pro: Simple interface, many simultaneous callers at a time
  • Cons: It is quite more useful for only remote businesses

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