Home Entertainment Top Best Iconic Shows From 80’s-90’s That Should Make A Comeback

Top Best Iconic Shows From 80’s-90’s That Should Make A Comeback

Top Best Iconic Shows From 80’s-90’s That Should Make A Comeback

No one would have ever imagined that we have to go through a lockdown period due to a virus. But that’s what is happening not only in India but also across the world. As India is about to enter the fifth day of the countrywide lockdown, television viewership is rising day by day. Many television channels are trying to involve the viewers and are providing them entertaining show listings. With Doordarshan re-telecasting it’s famous and iconic show Ramayan on their channel, here are some of the other iconic shows from the ’80s and 90’s that almost everyone would love to re-watch to get that nostalgic experience.


The most iconic Indian superhero, ‘Shaktimaan’ (1997-2005) was everything that any kid in the country at late ’90s and early ’20s would have dreamt of. Shaktimaan was the first superhero of Indian television series, which was played by Mukesh Khanna. He used to regularly drop in moral messages to the kids for leading them better as well as more honest lives. Kids those days, used to wait for Sunday for this iconic show to get telecasted and to watch Pandit Gangadhar aka Shaktimaan.

Malgudi Days

The very popular show of 1986, showcasing a collection of short stories and was an adaptation from a book written by RK Narayan. The show mainly centers on the plot was a boy named Swami and his friends. Each episode revolves around the expeditions of Swami with friends as well as his day at school. In this show, Girish Karnad played the role of Swami’s (Master Manjunath) father.

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This show telecasted for one i.e., from 1986 to 1987 and was set in the times of pre and post-Independent India and life in the nation, which was between 1916 and 1978. The show showcased a family’s struggle– headed by Alok Nath and his wife played by Anita Kanwar and his joint family– that they faced while Independence struggle and also showcasing contrary values between generations.

Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi

This popular sitcom from 1984, revolves around the Verma couple, which was played by Shafi Inamdar and Swaroop Sampat, and the latter’s unmarried as well as jobless brother (Rakesh Bedi). It was a very funny show showcasing the struggles and happenings at the same time that we face in our life. One of the best and memorable highlights of the show was veteran actor Satish Shah, who had played several characters as well as an instrumental role in every episode throughout the shows run.

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Hum Log

This is an iconic show from 1984, telecasted for one year and concluded in the year 1985. The show was centered around the struggle of a middle-class family as well as their journey. The cast of the show includes a family where a couple played by Vinod Nagpal and Joyoshree Arora lives with their three daughters named Badki (Seema Pahwa), Chhutki (Loveleen Mishra), Majhli (Divya Seth) as well as their two sons, Lallu (Rajesh Puri) and Nanhe (Abhinav Chaturvedi). The show was based on showcasing the story of a middle-class family, their bonding, frustrations, aspirations and so on.


Marking as the debut of superstar Shah Rukh Khan in the small screen industry, Fauji showcased the struggles of new Army recruits, who undergo several training in order to become commandos in the Indian Army. Shah Rukh Khan played the lead role, Lt. Abhimanyu Rai and the show was aired in the year 1989. Besides the struggle, the show also showcased the fun time they have with other trainees and the punishments they get from their senior officers.

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