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Sling TV Review: Is Sling Best Alternative To Cable And Worth The Price? Here’s find Out With Us

Sling TV Review: Nowadays, people only prefer streaming services because of which there are so many options available in the market. Due to plenty of streaming services options available, people get confused about what to buy and which will be the best for them.

But if you are looking for streaming services that let the users watch live TV, then Sling TV might be the ultimate choice for you.

Most of you must have also heard about Sling TV if not, it is often advertised as the most economical way of watching live TV.

If you one of those who are interested in Sling TV but don’t know much about it and want to be sure before buying it, then you are at the perfect place. Today, we will discuss major details regarding Sling TV, so that you can make a firm decision about Sling TV.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a very popular streaming service that is just like cable but also lets its users watch both live TV as well as recorded shows. The content can be streamed over the internet through Sling TV.

Users of Sling TV can watch cable channels just like you do on cable but in addition, you can also add on specific networks as per your interests.

Sling TV Free Trial

If you are interested in signing up for Sling TV but want to try it at first, then for those you have a seven-day free trial. One must take note that you can only sign up through a Sling-compatible device. After the free trial is over, users are offered $10 off for the first month of any plan they want to choose. If in case you are not satisfied then you can cancel it before the free trial ends and you are billed.

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Sling TV Pricing

As compared to any other cable services, SlingTV offers its services at a much lower price. The standard package of SlingTV comes at $30 per month as well as offers a total 47 channels. Another package, the top-tier plan costs $45 per month and offers a total of 53 channels, which also include ESPN.

The lower tiers are Sling Orange as well as Blue, and both of them cost $30 each month but at the same time, it offers different channel line-ups to some extent. The pricing of the top-tier plan, Sling Orange & Blue for a month costs $45.

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Cost/ Price

No. of Channels

Sling Orange$30/mo.32+
Sling Blue$30/mo.47+
Sling Orange + Blue$45/mo.53+


Users, on the other hand, can also add channel packages on top of this for anywhere starting from $5 to $10 each per month. For example:

  • Starz: Includes 6 channels for $9 per month
  • Kids Extra: Comprises of Disney Junior, Nick Jr., and Boomerang for just additional $5 per month

Sling TV Advantages and Limitations


  • First and the most important feature of Sling TV is that it is the most cost-effective option available in the market, especially for those who enjoy watching live TV.
  • The users get three packages to choose from.
  • Users can even record shows and watch them later because of its free hours of DVR service per month
  • Basic packages subscribers also get on-demand or replay options for many channels.
  • The accessibility of Sling TV is on a broad range of devices.
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  • Live TV also includes advertisements as well as commercial breaks.
  • Many of the most popular shows that you can watch on TV must be purchased at an additional cost on Sling TV.
  • Users are limited by the number of devices they can stream on at a time.


Overall, Sling TV is one of the best choices for those who enjoy watching live TV, especially, if its prices are concerned. Though, you might have to pay extra money if your favorite shows or channels are not in your package. But, if you want to watch a lot of channels in several rooms or devices, then Sling TV a great alternate to the cable.

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