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Neha Dhupia Called ‘Fake Feminist’ For Slamming A Contestant Who Slapped His Girlfriend For Cheating With 5 Other Men

Neha Dhupia Called 'Fake Feminist' For Slamming A Contestant Who Slapped His Girlfriend For Cheating With 5 Other Men

Twitter has recently being burst out with several hate responses from the public, responding at Neha Dhupia’s reaction to a contestant who slapped his girlfriend for cheating him with five men.

Well, we all know that Neha always supports feminism and she also never mind raising her voice when it comes to fighting for women’s rights. But, this recent response from her is currently making her face the rage of netizens for shouting at a contestant while the MTV Roadies: Revolution (season 17) audition.

What Exactly Happened?

All this started when a short video clip from the auditions of the Roadies Revolution went viral on the Internet. In that clip, you can see a contestant revealing that his girlfriend was cheating on him with five other men at the same time when they were in a relationship. After realizing the truth, he said that he brought all of the men together and along with his girlfriend and in front of all of them he then slapped her for cheating.

Neha Dhupia Called 'Fake Feminist' For Slamming A Contestant Who Slapped His Girlfriend For Cheating With 5 Other Men

However, this didn’t go down well with Neha who is judging Roadies: Revolution currently. In response to that contestant story, Neha responded angrily and said that if she went to 5 guys, that’s her choice and it is his fault. She also added by saying that she must have also felt threatened because of him. She angrily shouted at the guy, saying that nobody gives him the right to slap a girl.

Here’s What Neha Said

“This thing that you are talking about slapping your girlfriend for dating five men at the same time, just listen to me, ‘it’s her choice’.” She shouted at the contestant.

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“Nobody gives you the f**king right to slap a girl,” Neha Dhupia angrily said.

She further added, “Maybe, the problem lies with you and not with that girl. Agar wo waha jake cheat kar rahi hai to maybe she was feeling threatened by you.”

Afterward Reaction By Twitterati

As soon as the video was out, Neha was criticized for being partial towards women when it comes to slapping a person. Not only this, but the people have also dug out a video from the last season of Roadies in which a girl had said that she has slapped four guys, at that time Neha was caught having a smile on her face.

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Indian Twitterati is on fire in trolling Neha as well as calling her fake feminist as she had no issue with what a girl does, even if she cheats her boyfriend with five other men at the same time, but she does have a problem if the guy slaps her.

Just take a look at how people have reacted to Neha Dhupia’s angry outburst against a Roadies: Revolution contestant.

However, it is completely true that women have grieved and suffered a lot in the male-dominated society but, we should still understand the parameters in today’s time should also be set equal in respect of any gender.

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