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Lemon Balm Benefits Uses and Side Effects

Lemon Balm Health Benefits: Lemon means lemon, you must be using it in some way or the other daily. Its taste and taste filled with taste are pleasing to everyone. Like Lemon, there is a herb with a pleasant aroma and taste, which is called Lemon Balm. You can use it for various health benefits. Most people are still unaware of the benefits of this lemon balm with medicinal properties. Therefore, in this special article of Stylecrase, we will tell you about Lemon Balm. Read this article to get the benefits, uses and other important information of lemon balm.

If you are unaware of Lemon Balm, then, first of all, we tell you what is Lemon Balm.

What is lemon balm

Lemon Baum is a part of the Mint (Mint) family. Lemon balm has a lemon-like aroma. The scientific name of this plant and herb is Melissa officinalis. Its leaves are yellow or dark green in colour. Rubbing these leaves on the hands gives a pungent and thick scent. It is also called balm mint, blue balm, garden balm and sweet balm.

You know what Lemon balm is. Now we tell you the benefits of lemon balm.

Benefits of lemon balm – benefits of lemon balm

  1. Cold Sore Sometimes there are red rashes on the skin around the lips. It also causes itching and mild swelling, which is called a cold sore. Cold sores caused by the herpes virus can also be converted into mouth sores if not cured in time. You can use lemon balm to get rid of it. It has antiviral properties, which help in relieving the cold sore caused by the herpes virus.
  2. Insomnia and Anxiety Stress, depression, anxiety and nervousness are the reasons why many people do not sleep at night. Lemon balm is also considered beneficial in removing insomnia problem and anxiety. Boil it in water and drink it. Lemon balm has anti-stress and anxiolytic activity, which promotes good sleep by reducing stress. Anxiolytic is a natural medicine for reducing anxiety and anxiety.
  3. Antioxidants Lemon balm has phenolic content and antioxidant properties. These help to overcome health problems caused by free radicals in your body.
  4. Protect from radiation damage Radiation is used in cancer and some other diseases and health problems. It can cause your problems as well as other problems. In such a situation, if you want to protect yourself from radiation therapy or any other kind of radiation damage, then you can use lemon balm. Actually, it helps prevent damage to DNA caused by radiation. Also reduces oxidative stress.
  5. Immunity Lemon balm can also help increase your immunity level. Actually, it has many properties like anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitic. Therefore, it protects you from all diseases caused by bacteria. Also, its anti-microbial property prevents germs from growing.
  6. Mouth infection As we have told you in the article above, the Lemon balm has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. The properties of this lemon balm are capable of fighting many types of viruses and bacteria, so it can also be used to relieve oral infections (oral herpes). You can rinse with lemon balm to fight bacteria that grow in the mouth. If you are suffering from pain or swelling in the gums due to mouth infection, then the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties present in it can give you relief. You can also apply a paste on the infection area.
  7. Stress We have told you in the upper part of the article that lemon balm has anti-stress and anxiolytic properties. These properties present in lemon balm help to protect you from stress. Actually, the anxiolytic property acts like a drug that helps to relax your tense and tired nerves.
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Lemon Balm Nutritional Value

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) contains both vitamin C and thiamine (vitamin-B). 254 mg of vitamin C is found per 100 ml of lemon balm solution. At the same time, when the leaves of lemon balm are dried and stored, the amount of vitamin C drops by 50 per cent. On freezing it, 25 per cent vitamin-C was found to be low in it. Talking about the amount of thiamine, 76.4 micrograms of thiamine is found in 100 ml solution.

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