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Hindu New Year 2020: Check Your Horoscope Of The Year Based On Moon Sign Predictions

Hindu New Year 2020: Check Your Horoscope Of The Year Based On Moon Sign Predictions

As the New Year has started, according to the Hindu calendar, many people must be very excited to know their horoscope for this year. Therefore, we are here to provide you your New Year 2020 horoscope, so let’s get started….


The horoscope for Aries seems to get the benefit from the land-related matters, whether it’s a sale or purchase of property, it will bring in a profit for the duration of this year. Your lifestyle and status also seems to improve. Also, the position of the moon also indicates some great changes on the profession or career front, you might get promotion this year. However, you must have to be careful about your aggression and avoid any fight or anger.


The horoscope for Taurus in this Hindu New Year 2020, is all set to bring fruitful results, especially for the ones who are working in multinational organizations or someone who is looking for a foreign settlement. This year, you should involve in the creativity and arts field, this will bring good results for you. The Moon also indicates that all your efforts will bring you name, fame, and appreciation and will work on the desired direction that you want to. On the other hand, you have to take care of your health this year.


The placement of planets for Gemini indicates that luck is going to favor you this year and you might take yourself to a spiritual journey. You will get many opportunities which will directly help you to double your income. You would look upon several opportunities to secure the future of your family, for this, you have to put your energies into savings and investment. You might experience some ups and downs in the relationships, which can worry you. To avoid this, you must try to have proper communication with your partner.

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The horoscope for Cancer in this Hindu New Year 2020, will be fruitful and the year will bring fortune and luck. You will accomplish several tasks with proper execution; therefore, you will be praised for your work. If you are into Business, then you will witness some great profit.


The horoscope for Leo will be quite decent but you have to be very careful regarding your health. Don’t take any decision all of a sudden without thinking twice, otherwise, you will face big losses. This year you must take advice from your mentors or idols and be positive, as your optimistic and social nature towards everyone and every situation will bring in positive results.


This New Year is going to bring great success, riches, and profits for the Virgo. In addition to that, you will also have recognition and people will appreciate and recognize you for your work and efforts. The placement of Moon on your horoscope indicates that in the profession front, you are likely to get several new opportunities in your desired fields. If you own a business, you will get good gains as well as profits. On the other hand, you might feel some difficulties in your relationships, but married couples can withness some auspicious happenings for the duration of this year.

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The horoscope for Scorpio will be quite prosperous and thriving as you will overcome all the hurdles that you might have been facing earlier. This experience will also increase your strength to tackle the hard situation and will give you more power. You will accomplish name and fame this year, however, you should avoid promising something that wouldn’t be able to do. Overall, it is a successful year for you.  

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The horoscope for Sagittarius says that you might develop some insecurities and anxieties this year, because of which you might face some difficulties regarding your health. On the other hand, you will also get good riches as well as wealth, but you may find it a little difficult to sustain it. You should avoid any fights, anger or being rude to someone as your harsh words may further lead to some problem or difficulty.   


In this New Year, you might get into new relationships whether it’s in terms of love life or professional life. You might get into a partnership that will give you success afterward. Taking a new journey may possibly be fruitful for you but your aggression might hold you back so, you have to control your aggression to the best extent.


This year, Aquarius natives have to be careful from their enemies and your debts might also increase. Make sure to maintain the balance between your income and expenditures. Being social and optimistic will help you to have a good time throughout the year. Health issues may also arise so be careful and take care of your health and also avoid rush driving. Some foreign settlements also seem to benefit during this year.


You might get some good news and your family seems to be expanded soon. Your love life will prosper, whether you are single or married, as the single ones will get their love partner very soon and the married couple will enjoy the happiness, Students will get success in their fields. If you own a business, you will witness some great profit earned by the company. Overall, it’s a great year for Pisces.   

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