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Highest positive Covid-19 cases in single day in Telangana, Two deaths and 75 new cases reported on Friday

With a sudden increase in the coronavirus cases in the country, 75 new Covid-19 positive cases have been reported in Telangana state itself, with two persons affected by the disease died on Friday. This is considered to be the largest single-day surge, so far, in the State.

The 75 persons who are tested positive for coronavirus along with the two fatalities consist of all those who were part of the religious congregation that was held at Nizamuddin Markaz, New Delhi, last month, some of them are also close relatives of the infected patients.

On Friday, two persons from the state also died because of the Covid-19, which further takes the total number of fatalities to 11 in Telangana and the total number of persons who have tested positive for COVID-19 jumped to 229.

As per a media report from the state government, there were also 15 patients who were undergoing the treatment for coronavirus and on Friday they were discharged as well. Now, the total numbers of recovered or discharged patients have been reached to 32.

At the present date, there are a total of 186 positive cases that are active and is under treatment in the hospitals in Telangana. In order to tackle the coronavirus outbreak, the state government has also turned the public Gandhi hospital into a treatment center for covid-19 only.

The fact which is quite worth noticing is that most of the cases that have been reported on Friday are associated with the religious congregation that was held at the New Delhi’s Markaz Nizamuddin last month. This religious congregation was held by the Tablighi Jamat sect of Sunni Islam last month and was attended by thousands of Muslims, many went back to their native place and around 2000 persons were staying at the same place.

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There were also ten Indonesian nationals who had traveled to the state from the national capital after that, because of which it increased the number of cases in the state in rapid speed. Nowadays, almost all the cases that are found positive over the last week are of those people who attended the meeting last month, or else those people or relatives who came into contact with the attendees.

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Not only Telangana but the situation of the neighboring state i.e., Andhra Pradesh is also quite similar, where 12 new confirmed cases were also reported on Friday, which has taken the total number of COVID-19 positive cases to 161.

Out of total cases, 140 of them are connected to the Markaz Nizamuddin. On Friday, the first death after a 55-year-old was reported in the state. The deceased has identified as Shaikh Subhani who went to the Vijayawada General hospital on March 30 March at 11:30 a.m., and after an hour he passed away.

While anticipating a hard-hitting economic climate into the future, Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao had declared on 30 March a salary-cut of 75 percent for himself, along with the MLAs, MLCs, state corporation chairpersons as well as representatives of other local bodies of the state. On the other hand, he has also said that it won’t apply to doctors as well as police officers who are working days and nights to fight against this disease and to maintain the rules and orders in the state. He also said that they will also receive incentives for their services at this crucial time period.

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