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Here’s the List of the Spells and Magic of The Wizarding World in Harry Potter RPG

Harry Potter RPG video game is around the corner to get a release and the fans can’t hold their excitement. As the game is under development, many fans are speculating many things regarding RPG. Now the game is also said to have its set of spells as well as curses just as we have seen in the Harry Potter movies.

The most amazing thing about this game is that you can use different magic spells in the game. To perform different spells in the game is the most thrilling part of this game.

The game is going to begin sometime in the 1800s at Hogwarts and it’s being taken a chance that several new spells are going to be introduced in the game. There are going to be a new kind of character development and you might also perform the spell and may possibly also be involved in the battle.

Here is the list of a number of the spell as well as magic that you might perform in the game, let’s have a look…

Summoning Charm

The summoning charm Accio is basically that spell which was widely used in the fourth book of Harry Potter as well as you must have even heard in the movie series, the Goblet of Fire. This spell in the film was mainly used by Harry to summon his Firebolt flying broom throughout his encounter with a dragon in the Triwizard Tournament. The spell on the other hand, can also turn out to be very handy in-game as it can be used in several type of general task as well as it might also be used for battle and exploration.

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The spell “exploration” is mainly used for bringing a bright ball of light as well as therefore it will help in enlightening the area in which you are present right now. It may possibly help in discovering dark corners along with openings in the game. This can be very handy as Hogwarts comprises of so many dark places that you might be unaware of.

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Levitation Charm

You must have seen the levitation spell wingardium leviosa to be used by Hermoine very often but the main question here is that how it is going to be used in the game. It is quite possible that it may possibly be used to fly up the fellow wizards, or maybe even themselves but nothing is confirmed yet.

Elemental Spells

This comprises of the spells such as Aguamenti and Incendio. Incendio is used to make the power while Aguamenti is used to call upon a jet of water. While fighting against the enemies, this spell can be very handy as well as it can also help in solving several problems while you are discovering the areas.

Expelliarmus Spell

This spell turned out to be very big in the Harry Potter series as it was used to defeat of Lord Voldemort. This spell might be used in the bout in the game as it is a simple captivating or winning charm which is very powerful. It is going to be very helpful in conquering human rival or challenger in the game.

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