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Hanuman Jayanti 2020: When is it and Why we celebrate it? Know Date, Tithi and Puja Vidhi

Hanuman Jayanti 2020: When is it and Why we celebrate it? Know Date, Tithi and Puja Vidhi

Lord Hanuman, also popularly known as Bajrang Bali is widely worshipped in Hindu culture. He is the son of Anjana and Kesari as well as is also the son of the wind-god Pawan. All the Hindus know him as the supreme ardent devotee of Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman has also played a central character of the Indian epic Ramayana.

Hindus also celebrate the birth of Hanuman on a day known as Hanuman Jayanti, which is considered to be one of the famous Hindu festivals in India. As per to Hindu calendar, the day is celebrated on full moon day throughout the month of Chaitra. On this day, it is also believed that Lord Hanuman was born. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated to honour the birth of Bajrang Bali who is also popularly known as Vanara God.

When is Hanuman Jayanti 2020?

As per to the Drikpanchang of this year, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on the Chaitra Purnima, which is falling on 8th April 2020, Wednesday. The Purnima Tithi is going to begin at 12: 07 PM on April 7 and is going to end at 8: 04 AM.

  • Purnima Tithi will start at 12:01 PM on 7th April 2020
  • Purnima Tithi will end at 08:04 AM on 8th April 2020

What is the Puja Vidhi of Hanuman Jayanti 2020?

On Hanuman Jayanti 2020, devotees perform puja by offering vermilion or red cloth to the icon of Lord Hanuman. Along with that, flowers such as marigold rose and food items such as laddu, halwa, banana as Prasad is also offered to the deity. Devotees on this day visit Bajrang Bali temple and carry out processions as well as religious gatherings.

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But, as we all know that a complete lockdown is imposed in the country due to coronavirus, therefore this year no processions is going to be carried out and no religious gatherings are going to be conducted this year.

There are several kinds of foods, sweets as well as flowers which are also offered to Lord Hanuman and then it is distributed to his followers as Prasad.

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What is the significance of Hanuman Jayanti?  

According to the legend, Lord Hanuman’s mother Anjana was cursed by Muni Vishwamitra for disturbing him and she was cursed that she is going to give birth to a monkey. In order to get rid of the curse, she worshipped Lord Shiva and requested him to be a part of her son. Therefore, Lord Hanuman is also believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

It is also believed that Pawan Dev (the God of Wind) once saw Anjana and mated her, after which Lord Hanuma was born, thus, he is also known as ‘Pawan Putra’.

Bajrang Bali is a Brahmachari and also one of the Chiranjeevi. He is also mentioned in many other ancient texts, like the Mahabharata and the many Puranas. Lord Hanuman signifies strength and energy as well as he is worshipped as a deity who is able to accomplish triumph against all evil.

Lord Hanuman is known as a passionate devotee of Lord Sri Rama and therefore, in Hindu culture, it is said that if you want Lord Rama to remove all your sorrows, then you can only reach him through Lord Hanuman.

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