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Do Video Games Affect Children Health By Making Them Fatter?

Nowadays, video games have become so much popular that kids these days avoid going outside just for playing these games for hours. As we all are self-isolated in our homes due to on-going coronavirus crises, schools and colleges have been also closed due to the same reason and therefore children are now busy in playing video games almost all day. Kids have become so addicted to these games that parents are now worried about their children’s health.

Today, with the help of this article we are going to discuss whether video games affect your children health and make them fatter or not. Let’s find out….

Obesity Among Children Nowadays

These days, Obesity is the major problem among children which has increased health threats in kids nowadays, across the globe. A study states that there are more than one in three children in the US who are overweight by the time when they are out of primary school. Obesity be obligated its presence to extreme calorie intake related to expenditure. With lack of physical activities and the heavy intake of food, especially the junk food is very much responsible for this imbalance.

What Does Studies Show?

Well, there are many studies regarding the same in order to find out whether video games are  responsible for making children fatter or not, but most of these differ from each other.

Some studies says that they didn’t find any association of higher body weight to be related with video gaming. Their further studies on adolescent body mass index contrasted with duration and frequency of video game use have also established the same finding that we have stated above.

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Another study which was however carried out on adults playing video games found out that the males who play video games had a higher BMI as compared to the compared to non-players.

Another studies also linked the video gaming to the increased intake of snacks as well as sugary drinks, along with less sleep and no or very less physical activity.

However, the new studies have been more focusing on the factors those are contributing to it, like sugary drinks, less physical inactivity, unbalanced bedtimes as well as energy-dense foods and fast foods. It is focussed at discovering how BMI is related to video game use over a more lengthy time period. Such studies also reveal how sedentary quests cause gain in the weight for long period of time.

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Overall, there’s no solid proof or study that have said that video games make children fatter, however, other factors that related in contributing to increase the body weight such as their eating habit.

Another small study suggests that an hour spent playing video games might make teenage boys eat more for the rest of the day. The study, of 22 normal-weight teens, revealed that the boys ate more lunch when they had a pre-meal video game, as opposed to an hour spent relaxing. Along with that they did not make up for the extra bites by burning more calories over playing games, or by eating less next day.

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