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COVID-19 Vaccine: Russia Claims to release the Drug in 2021

As the world is facing crises due to coronavirus pandemic, Russian scientists, on the other hand, have been recently actively working on the creation of the drug for the cure of COVID-19. A new drug which Russian authorities claim to release next year in the year 2021, writes “RIA Novosti”, that refers to the General Director of pharmaceutical factory named “R-Pharm”.

At present, the clinical trials of two drugs, which are biological types, planned for the treatment of COVID-19 disease. Some of the experts also take into account and also severe forms of the infection.

Additionally, the Ministry of Health has also approved the conduct of clinical trials in order to determine the safety as well as the efficiency of the new drugs to fight against COVID-19. Vasily Ignatiev, who is the head of the company “R-Pharm”, said regarding the new development.

Furthermore, the domestic production of the drug is going to start in 12 to 18 months, a new drug, apparently to be estimated in pharmacies from the year 2021 (May). The latest development is a distinct biotech molecule, similar to the receptor epithelium of the lung tissue, which is linked by a COVID-19 disease.

As a result, Ignatiev said that the molecule performs the function of a kind of trap, as it blocks the virus to be deprived of giving him the chances for getting the contact to the cells of the lung tissue.

On the other hand, the vaccine that has been mutually developed by CanSino Biological Inc and Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, now have been entered to human trial stage. Two candidate vaccines for coronavirus have arrived the 1st phase of human clinical trials. Now, another 60 candidate vaccines have been in pre-clinical studies, the confirmation has been done by World Health Organisation (WHO).

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Talking about the vaccine, it has been jointly developed by CanSino Biological Inc and Beijing Institute of Biotechnology that utilises the non-replicating viral vector as the platform, similar to the non-corona candidates such as Ebola, in order to create a vaccine with a ‘Adenovirus Type 5’ candidate, a draft landscape of coronavirus vaccine candidates have also brought out on Tuesday.

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Some of the sources also said that adenoviruses are quite common viruses that causes pneumonia as well as it can deliver possible antigens in order to rouse the production of antibodies that work against the infection. CanSino Biological Inc, in association with the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Science’s Bioengineering Institute, had also developed an Ebola vaccine in the year 2017.

Another vaccine is from the US-based biotech firm Moderna that has entered the first phase of trials and the company has combine with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to create the vaccine.

Initially originating from Wuhan, China in December 2019, the coronavirus has been now spread to more than 200 countries and territories as the disease is highly contagious. In the meantime, globally there is total number of 1.41 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, as of April 7, 2020, resulting in more than 80, 000 deaths all around the world.

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