Home Entertainment Coronavirus Outbreak: Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Varun Dhawan, Prabhas contribute to PM-CARES...

Coronavirus Outbreak: Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Varun Dhawan, Prabhas contribute to PM-CARES Fund

Coronavirus Outbreak: Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Varun Dhawan, Prabhas contribute to PM-CARES Fund

Soon after PM Modi had announced the creation of the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM-CARES) earlier on Saturday, many celebrities, business tycoons, among many others pledged to contribute the big amount to an emergency fund.

One of the biggest names to come out immediately after the announcement of the emergency fund by PM Modi is Akshay Kumar.

On Saturday, Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar announced that he is going to be donating Rs 25 crore towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s PM-CARES fund for helping out the government in its fight against coronavirus pandemic.

The Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM-CARES) is formed for the collection of funds from the public as a help, where people can contribute some money and help the government in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking to Twitter, Akshay Kumar made the announcement saying that safeguarding the lives of the people is of utmost significance right now.

Akshay tweeted that this is that time when all that matters in the lives of the people in our nation. And we should do anything and everything whatever it takes to fight against the same. “I pledge to contribute Rs 25 crores from my savings to @narendramodi Ji’s PM-CARES Fund.” He said. He added that let’s save the lives, “Jaan hai toh jahaan hai”

Soon after his announcement, Akshay’s wife, former actor and author Twinkle Khanna praised him for taking such a big and great step. She wrote, “The man makes me proud.” She also added that when she asked him that if he is sure about this as it was such a big amount, he just said, “I had nothing when I started and now that I am in this position, how can I hold back from doing whatsoever I can for those who have nothing,’” she added.

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Other than Akshay Kumar, a number of celebrities have also come forward to donating money so as they can help the people who are in crisis.  Legendary superstar Rajinikanth was the first celebrity who comes forward by donating Rs 50 lakh for helping daily wage workers. Many other A-listers from the south, such as Prabhas, Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan, Ram Charan, and others have also contributed money for helping the government to fight against the on-going pandemic crises.

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In Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan, as well as Kapil Sharma, had also come forward to fund relief work. Hrithik Roshan said that he has procured masks for BMC workers and caretakers, while Kapil, on the other hand, had donated Rs 50 lakh to the Prime Minister Relief Fund.

Actor Varun Dhawan also came out with a big announcement by pledging to donate Rs 30 lakh as to PM-CARES Fund. In addition to that, he also said that he is going to be donating Rs 25 lakh to Maharashtra CM’s relief fund.

The country is witnessing a three-week lockdown, as announced by the PM Modi, to stop the spread of the virus in the nation. As of March 29, this deadly virus claimed more than a thousand COVID-19 positive cases in India.

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