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April Supermoon 2020: Watch The Biggest And The Brightest Full Moon Of The Year Live Via Online Streaming

The biggest and the brightest Full Moon of the year is around the corner for us to witness it. As per Indian standard timings, the April Supermoon 2020 is scheduled to be visible on 8th April 2020. The exact timing for the full moon to occur is exactly at 10:35 PM EDT on April 7.

For those who don’t know much about the supermoon, it is also known as ‘Pink’ Supermoon which basically befalls when the moon is very close to Earth while it is full.

The closeness of the moon to the Earth, certainly, makes the moon look closest to the Earth and extremely bright. To be more precise, the moon looks up to 14 percent bigger as well as 30 percent brighter than a full moon at its farthermost point from Earth.

How to watch April Supermoon 2020?   

Pink Moon or the Super Pink Moon is an eye-catching and beautiful phenomenon to look at, but if you are from India or from an Asian country, then you would not be able to witness it from your place because it will reach its peak brightness and size at 8:05 AM IST. Because it will be morning at that time in India, people would not be able to witness it live on daylight. However, you can stream it live through online platform.

All the interested users who want to live stream this beautiful April Supermoon 2020, then follow these below mentioned instructions to watch this phenomenon from your home itself.

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Step 1: To begin the process, you have to first open up the YouTube App. If you have your desktop or tablet with you, then you may possibly live stream the moon on the YouTube website as well.

Step 2: After opening the YouTube App, look for the channel named ‘Slooh’. You will find severa; their latest videos that should be the live streaming link of the April Supermoon 2020. Now, select that link.

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Step 3: After that, you have to simply check out the April Supermoon live through the video. Now, go to the full-screen, or simply cast it on a bigger screen for enhancing the magnificence of this splendid phenomenon.

About Supermoon or ‘Pink’ Supermoon

An astrologer named Richard Nolle created the term “supermoon” was created in the year 1979 to name this wonderful phenomenon. The name “supermoon” was given to this beautiful phenomenon to describe the optical effect also called the moon illusion, where the full moon seems to look very massive when mounting behind distant objects on the horizon. There are many people who believe that Supermoon gets the ‘Pink’ Supermoon because of its pinkish hue but that is not the case as the moon doesn’t look pink on this day.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, April’s full moon is often connected with the first spring season blooms of Phlox subulata. It is basically a pink wildflower which is native to the eastern North America. This wildflower is very popularly known as “moss pink”.

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